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🟠 3D Human Reconstruction | Diffusion Models Beat GANs

Machine Learning & Art
Machine Learning & Art
There are several uses for 3D scans of persons, and demand is growing. Accurate 3D people models, for example, would improve immersive AR and VR applications, gaming, telepresence, virtual try-on, free-viewpoint photorealistic visualization, and creative image editing.

How do you make a 3D scans of humans
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Create unique portraits using the AI (FREE)
How can I create AI art? The method of Dalle-2
3D from 2D in the Blink of an AI
How to make 3D models from a single image
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How do you analyze a dataset? Visualization
How does 3D reconstruction work?
How to Find and Define Your Art Style
Human-Object Interaction Detection
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Machine Learning & Art
Machine Learning & Art @Mlearning_ai

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