Can AI generate photorealistic videos?


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Machine Learning & Art
Machine Learning & Art
Most AI generators use “Automated Text to Speech” to make videos that look like humans made them. Machine Learning is used in these software tools to turn text-based content into videos automatically. The new AI video generator benefits from 4D Art

Train Your AI Art Generator from scratch using only Text. DEMO + CODE
How do beginners make AI movies in 30 sec?
Can AI generate 3D videos? New AI video generator
2D to 3D scene reconstruction from a single image
Generate photo-realistic AI videos in Real-Time |
Text-to-3D Generation. Can AI create 3D models?
New AI Method for Portrait Stylization
Images to read. Semantic Diffusion Model
3D digital twins from photographs
What Qualifies as an AI Indie Movie?
If a short film is created without the involvement of a large studio or production group, it is known as an independent film. There is a wide range of budgets for independent films, ranging from the thousands of dollars (“micro-budget”) to the tens of millions of dollars (“small budget”). There are a number of examples of independent films that had budgets in excess of $15 million, such as The Blair Witch Project (1999), Juno (2007), and Slumdog Millionaire (2008)—all of which are regarded to be indie films. 
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